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Wiki Overview

This wiki is for the Annunaki Genesis mod - for Ark: Survival Evolved.

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Known Bugs

As of the latest patch to Ark (244.1) and to annunaki genesis (3.9.12) all major bugs and issues are sorted out(but many less major bugs remain), the next ark patch is due on july 28th and the next annunaki patch(3.10) is due in the next few days

Dino Info

Dino Tame Info

Official Warden Info

More Dino and General Mod Info (some information outdated)

Dino Spawn IDs

Warden Spawn Commands

LIST - Game.ini - Every Annunaki Genesis Dino (271 Dinos)

Item Info

Item IDs

Ark Server Admin Tools and Tips

Server Automation Tools

Ark Server Manager (Windows)

Ark Server Launcher & Ark Remote (Windows)

Ark Server Tools (Linux/Ubuntu)

Server Admin Tips

Work in progress... Feel free to add to this.


The Annunaki Genesis logo, and any Ark-related assets belong to their respective owners.

I will buy a domain name for this, if we can get some good activity and content on this wiki. -warezit June 29th @ 20:41

Ark: The Center Map